No fuss polenta pizza

I used to be scared of polenta. Scarred from a few bad experiences, I was left thinking that it is too easy to make badly, and not worth the effort. I am only… Continue reading

Roasted corn, zucchini & fetta fritters… with adzuki bean salsa

I came home last week to find a box of vegetables on my front doorstep. Well, it was more like a box of zucchinis and few other tidbits. I really like zucchinis, but… Continue reading

Peace, yoga and mung beans

I spent this weekend cooking temple delights for a beautiful little festival called Return of the Sun – a festival of music, yoga, art and ritual. Rocklyn Ashram near Daylesford is absolutely stunning, and… Continue reading

The global meat industry and climate change. And you.

I had to deliver a five minute persuasive speech at Uni today on a topic of my choice. I took the opportunity to do a bit of reading into the global impact of… Continue reading

Almond Milk Mornings

I read a lot of varied things about soybeans. Well, most of them are not all that great. Sustainability is usually the first thing that comes up. Soybeans are a high protein and… Continue reading

Spring Greens Frittata

Spring is just so darn good. I love the warm breeze, abundant blossoms and pockets of jasmine that waft into my path as I wander innocently down the street. Not to mention all the… Continue reading

Vegan chocolate truffles

I am entering into my fifth week of not eating processed sugars. The first week or so was a little crazy as I battled out the cravings, but as they subsided, I have… Continue reading

Strawberry and cashew cream pie

Well spring is officially here, and has brought sunshine and strawberries with it! It’s been a quiet winter in the pantry, but the change of seasons is offering fresh energy and inspiration. As… Continue reading

Red lentil, sweet potato and coconut soup

Apparently winter is coming to an end soon, but Melbourne would have you believe otherwise. I’ve been enjoying a lot of hearty soups this winter, but only just stumbled upon this one a… Continue reading

Cookies that were dreamt into deliciousness

Did I just say salty caramelised roast almonds and choc chip chunk cookies? Yes, yes I did. These cookies are seriously in a league of their own. They’re not the type that you… Continue reading